Many Are Troubled Over Current Events

I read a devotion this morning called “Arise and Depart”, that tells of a Christians last journey here on earth. The point Mr. Spurgeon was making is that each day we arise, we know not what the day brings. It might be just another day in our journey here on earth or it might be our last step into eternity.

So what is our journey going to be like today? What are we going to think about or be troubled over today? During this season, there are many that are troubled and fear about current events. God wants us not to fear these things, but to fear Him alone. May God allow us to meditate on Him and have an awareness that He is who He says He is, a sovereign God who is in control of His creation.

Please take a moment to read Arise and Depart by Charles H. Spurgeon.


About hatcherlarry

I am a Child of God - Who believes in a Sovereign God who is in control of His Creation.
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